Learn How To Take Care Of Your Skin By Knowing Your Skin Type

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Knowing Your Skin Type is very important in the proper care of your skin. If you don’t know your skin type, then probably you are taking care of it the wrong way.

There are Basically 4 Skin Types Namely:

  • Dry. It may feel dry and tight. It may show flakes of dry skin. It has small pores and moisturizing is very important for this type of skin.
  • Normal. Shows neither oil of drying skin. It should feel supple and smooth. If you have it , you are very lucky.
  • Combination. This is the most common type of skin. It exhibits traits of all the three skin types. Usually, it’s oily in the T-zone area and normal on the rest.
  • Oily Skin. It is characterized by the grease on the tissue. It usually has large pores and is shiny.

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If you are still not sure of what skin type you have. Follow these simple checklists, check the items which are true to you:

button-checkYour skin doesn’t feel tight after washing, even if you don’t put anything on it.

button-checkYou can see oil on your tissue, after wiping your face with it.

button-checkWhen you don’t have makeup on , you can see your pores.

button-checkYou use oil tissue at least 3 times a day.

button-checkYou have to retouch your makeup every now and then.

button-checkYour T-zone is always shiny.

button-checkIf you use moisturizing cream or pack, you tend to break out more.

button-checkIf you like light gel makeup than oily ones.

button-checkIf you have a lot of black and white heads around your nose.

button-checkDespite your daily hair shampoo , you still get an itchy head and dandruff.

button-checkYou can the oiliness of your skin rather than wrinkles and dead skin.

button-checkYour hair gets oily easily, even if you just don’t wash it for a day.

Knowing Your Skin Types


Here Is The Result of The Test In Knowing Your Skin Type:

button-check1- 4 checks mean you have a dry skin.

button-check5- 8 checks mean you have a normal skin.

button-check9-12 checks mean you have oily skin.

Now that you know what skin type you have , let’s see how we can properly care for your skin. A different product for particular skin types should be use in order to address the problem properly. Sometimes , the wrong product ends up worsening the situation or aggravating the problem.

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Let Us Discuss How Each Skin Type Gets The Most Skin Care.

Let’s start with the dry skin. How can we take care of dry skin properly to avoid further drying and cracking up of the skin?

First , you need to use a cleansing oil, it helps in moisturizing the dryness of the skin without leaving any traces of oil after using. Next is to follow it up with a soap that contains oil and black sugar . This will never leave your skin tight after using and is good for cleansing your skin.

After washing your face with cleansing oil and soap. You may start applying toner with no chemicals added. It is important to block away from the impurities in the environment that may make your skin dry.

Also, you must avoid any toner that has alcohol or anything that absorbs oil because it tends to dry up your skin more. Use products that have moisturizing effects. Products that contain honey is also good for dry skin. Honey gives off a moisturizing effect to your skin.

Now let’s have the combination type of skin. It is more difficult to take care of a combination type of skin. It is both dry and oily at the same time.

For this type of skin. It would be useful to use water or cleansing water to benefit both the dry and oily skin. A cleansing water may help act as your makeup remover, cleanser, and toner in one.

A special moisturizer is used for the combination type of skin. There is a moisturizer that works for a combination type of skin. it works as a moisturizer without adding oil to the T-zone area which are prone to oiliness for the combination type skin.

Knowing Your Skin Type

After moisturizing your skin, a mask pack would be useful for this type of combination skin. A mask that works both for the T-zone oily area and the dry parts of your face. A product that contains placenta will work best for the dry area of the skin without irritating the eyes and nose area.

Using a nose pack is helpful also in tightening the pores and keeping the black and white heads out of the nose area. Use an extractor to pull the black and white heads out of your nose area. It’s important to tighten the pores and use also a product that may soften that part of your nose to avoid the build up of further black and white heads.

The normal skin is the best skin type of all. If you have this skin type, you are very lucky. Finding the right product for you is fairly easy compared to other skin types. For normal skin type people, you may just need the proper way to care for your perfect skin .

Washing your face with a face cleanser meant for normal skin is best for you. It’ s important, however, that the skin product is not irritating your skin and provides the proper moisturizing your skin needs.

For the Oily skin type. This is the type which has a lot of excess oil sebum that blocks the pores easily. Cleansing your face thoroughly is essential to wash away excess oil in your skin. A special foam cleanser must be used also to ensure a deep cleansing of the oil in your pores.

Thorough cleansing is very important to clean the deep -seated dirt in your skin that your hands can’t reach. Using a facial brush may help you in deeply cleaning your skin . Moisturizers for oily skin must be used to properly address the oily skin type.

Products that minimize and tighten the pores are important for you. This minimizes the pores that cause oil production of your skin.

There you have it. Knowing your skin type and finding the right product that works best for your skin is very important.

[su_quote]Caring For The Skin The Tight Way Will Help You Improve Your Skin In The Most Effective Way.[/su_quote]

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Posted By: Rich
September 21, 2016

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